Christmas has come early!

I started musing about the idea of making Christmas cards last year when I rustled up some cards to go with some prezzies for family. But Christmas Eve was obviously a bit late to have this idea. So I decided to make sure I am ready this year. Here are the first three cards that sparked my idea.

After overwhelming feedback suggesting favourite New Zealand native birds I got super inspired to create a full suite of bird watercolour sketches. I had initially intended to create just five designs, but instead I made ten!

Birds included in the range are: Pukeko, Kereru, Kakapo, Kea, Kiwi, Fantail, Takahe, Tui, Weka and White Heron.

Process photos below:

I wanted the cards to be printed responsibly on 100% recycled paper and accompanied with a recycled envelope. With Mark’s help we tracked down some affordable envelopes which meant that the project was going to be feasible. Yay!!

I have been wanting to find a way for my art to give back to a worthy cause. It felt appropriate to donate a portion of the sales to a charity that works with New Zealand’s wildlife. I have chosen South Island Wildlife Hospital (located at Willowbank) to donate $1 per card to support the incredible work they do caring for and rehabilitating our wildlife.

If you would like to support the project and the birds this Christmas, follow the link below to purchase some cards.