Q. How long does the painting process take?

A. This depends on many factors: Size and complexity are the main factors. Commissions are so custom that each one take a very different length of time. The other effect on time is the drying time which can take up to two months before the painting can be handed over.

Q. What inspires you?

A. I am inspired by nature and people. I paint landscapes and portraits and often alternate between the two subjects. Both give me a buzz to achieve realistic results.

Q. What is your favourite medium?

A. My favourite medium is oil on canvas. I love the time I have to work with oils and the ability to layer adding depth and complexity to the painting. I also enjoy sketching with charcoals and splashing about with watercolours.

Q. What type of canvas do you use? 

A. My preferred canvas is a handmade Taut Art canvas from Invercargill. It comes with a Lifetime guarantee which gives us both piece of mind. I also create smaller works on Ampersand gesso boards.

Q. Where do I live? 

A. Christchurch, New Zealand. I count myself lucky to live in such a beautiful and inspiring country. But don't let my location stop you from commissioning or purchasing works. I have commissioned and sold works from around New Zealand and overseas. 

Q. How does the commission process work? 

A. First we have a chat about project. This can be in person or over the phone. If it is a landscape painting I will come and visit the location to photograph it and talk further through your ideas. If the location is out of reach then I can work from supplied photos. I will send a photoshopped composition to you for sign off and then a third deposit is due to secure your spot on my commission list. I will send you a photo on completion for sign off and then arrange we will delivery or shipping once it is fully dry. If you prefer to see update photos I can supply those too.

Q. How do I confirm a commission? 

A. Once the price and project has been agreed I require a third deposit to confirm your place in the studio. Then the last two thirds are due on completion or we can arrange progress payment in between.