My Approach:

Whether it is a landscape or a portrait, I take the time to get to know the subject of each commission.

For landscapes I like to visit the location in person. I like to hear what is special about this place; what memories and connections are associated with the land. I want to know what is important about this place to you. I feel the time of day, the light, the wind, the smells, and take in all this information. My goal is to make this moment last longer and to be as authentic as possible.

With portraits I do the same. I try to learn as much as possible about the subject. Their personality needs to shine through in the final painting or drawing. I want to hear stories about this person or meet them if possible. For example, by knowing the subject had a sense of humour I can add that special twinkle in their eye that a photograph can not replicate.

Below you will find some of my projects to help spark your inspiration.

Have something in mind? Say hello, I’m always happy to chat through your ideas.

Portrait Commissions

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Do you have loved one you would like to commemorate in oils? Or a family member who lives too far away that you want to bring closer to home? I embody a sense of life into the oil paintings that a photo often do not provide. A place where memories flourish.

Next Steps:

  • For a commission of a loved one who has passed away, look through your photos for your favourite. Find one that reflects how you and your family remember this person. We can use this as the base for the portrait.

  • Also find other photos that give further references to how they wore their hair and insights to their personality.

  • We can meet and talk through these photos and stories.

  • Is there a location that is strongly connected with this person? Think about whether you want to have this incorporated in the final painting.

I would like to thank Georgette for the beautiful job she made of the painting of my Dad. After seeing the portrait Georgette had painted of Dad’s brother Jack, Georgette’s Grandfather, I had to see about getting painting done of Dad. The price and the job was fantastic. The painting had to be done in secret because it was a surprise for Mum. I flew to New Zealand from Australia to pick up the painting and surprised Mum. She loved it. Everything went well.
Thanks. Colin
— Colin Dobson

Landscape Commissions

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Do you have a favourite place, your farm, the location of your family bach or camping spot, the place you got engaged. We all make connections to places that then hold a special place in our hearts.

Next Steps:

  • Think about what time of year you want to remember this place.

  • Is there a time of day is special to you?

  • I love to visit the locations of my works where possible. We can arrange a time to meet at the location to talk through your ideas and I will also take photos to work from.

  • If you have photo in mind or one that sums up this place for you, send them through I'd love to see them.

Georgette was exceptional, talking through feelings and thoughts about the landscape. She turned the original photo into a masterpiece, capturing the unique texture of light sparkling off distant mountains.
— Mathew Cowan

Pet Portrait Commissions

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Pet Portraits

Our furry friends find a special place in our hearts. When our beloved pets pass on, a painting can be a beautiful reminder of time with them. A way for them to still be with us. Or we may want to capture a playful side of a pet that is still with us.

Next Steps:

  • Think about what age you want the pet to be depicted - young, old or in their prime.

  • Supply as many photos as you can so I can understand the nature and characteristics of your pet.

  • In some cases we can merge two photo references together for the final piece. This is particularly useful with portraits of multiple animals in one piece.

  • Think about what medium you would prefer eg oil painting or charcoal drawing.

Georgette not only captured a perfect likeness of Reuben, my mother-in-law’s beloved Golden Labrador – she also captured his energy and spirit, creating a beautiful work of art that will ensure his memory lives on for years to come.
— Tim Cronin

Want to know more? Send me an email and we can get the ball rolling. I’d love to hear your ideas.