A collection of the videos I have made of my art projects. See artworks come to live and get a background into my processes.

Major Menagerie’s Travelling Circus

How many face can you see in this weird but wonderful sketch "Major Menagerie’s Travelling Circus"? This Wash & Ink drawing evolved as I drew it to include many faces intertwined together.

Tractor Heaven Oil Painting - Time Lapse

Watch 'Tractor Heaven' come to live throughout the layers.

Landscape Oil Painting - Journey to Sunlight

A commissioned work of the view from Mt Hutt looking onto the Rakaia Gorge and surrounding Canterbury Plains.

A drastic way to fix an Oil Painting! - Time Lapse

I had a damaged painting so rather than fixing it, I decided to have a bit of abstract fun with it instead. Abstracts aren't usually my thing but I felt like a little relaxation.

Ink & Wash Time Lapse - Happy Fox

A little time lapse showing the drawing of 'Happy Fox' coming to life. Medium - watercolour and Copic gasenfude marker pen.

Portrait Painting - Ginny Yellow Top

Oil painting process from start to finish of 'Ginny Yellow Top' a portrait of my niece. This was such a fun wee portrait to create.

Grazing in Glentunnel - Landscape Painting Start to Finish

‘Grazing in Glentunnel’ oil painting process from start to finish shown in progression. I took a photo at the end of each step or session. Starting with acrylic washes, a charcoal sketch and then building up the oil layers.

Charcoal Sketch Time Lapse: Dog Portrait

Here I show my process when drawing a portrait of a happy looking dog. First I use a willow charcoal which gives a soft line. Then I add further detail with a charcoal pencil which creates a darker line.

Left vs Right Hand Painting Experiment

I was curious to see what the difference would be if I painted the same thing but with different hands. I predicted that my left (wrong) hand would produce wobbly, wayward results.

The Canvas Project

My submission to the Canvas Project 2018, this piece joins 2000 others in Brooklyn NY. Watch it come to life in this time lapse.

HWK Fundraiser Painting - Under the Blue

When approached to help with a charity art auction to help raise funds for The Kings and Queen's Kapa Haka group I jumped at the chance to be involved.

Landscape Oil Painting - Mt Aspiring

This painting was such a thrill to create. I worked from a photograph I took from a helicopter of Mt Aspiring, New Zealand. Watch this artwork come together from sketch through to the final result.

Ink and Wash Drawing Time Lapse - Old Blue Black Robin

Watch 'Old Blue' the black robin come to life. Here I show the process of drawing in the black robin bird after I have first laid down some watercolour washes. I really enjoyed drawing this wee native bird and must do some more.

Watercolour Wash - How To Video

Recently I was requested to show how I create my watercolour washes in my illustrations. Here I go through the whole process explaining the my approach. In essence it's all about having fun!

Oil Painting Process - Sailing on Wanaka

‘Sailing on Wanaka’ oil painting process from start to finish shown in progression. 

Firenze - Oil painting - Start to Finish

Time lapse showing the process of the painting 'Firenze'. This was a fun portrait project I did as a gift for my other half. Oil on canvas, 350mm x 450mm (13.7 in x 17.7 in)

Oil Painting Portrait - Jack Dobson

A painting of my Grandad Jack. Watch as the layers form throughout the process of this portrait.

Left handed Painting

An experiment of testing the abilities of the left hand vs the right. I started with my left (wrong hand). The results were quite surprising!

Portrait Oil Painting - Alan Dobson

Quite often my portraits are a surprise gift for someone. I kept this secret for four months after finishing it until it could be revealed to the customer. 

Pet Portrait Oil Painting - Rueben the Dog

Watch this painting build throughout the layers from sketch right through to signing it off. I take a photo at the end of each session so we can then see the painting come to life.

Exhibition Time Lapse - The Arts Centre Jan 2018

In Jan 2018 I held my first exhibition in the Art Centre, Christchurch. Here is a time lapse of some of the weekend. It was amazing to see the coming and going of people throughout the weekend.

Oil Painting Time lapse - Cruising Marlborough

My first time lapse of the complete painting process. From panel prep right through to the finished painting. Watch as I build up the layers.

Wash & Ink Sketch - The Invisible Armed Man

I call this a 'Wash & Ink' sketch rather than an Ink & Wash because the wash very much influences what the ink sketch becomes. I first lay down some colour and let it dry. After a staring at it for a while, the drawing then reveals itself within the shapes of the overlapping colours. Then I bring the story to life with ink pen.

Painting Time Lapse - Dog Portrait

My first time lapse of my painting progress. Here I developed the dog portrait further by adding extra details. Turns out painting with a camera in the way is more challenging than I thought!
Music: Myself dabbling on the acoustic guitar