Realist Artist Georgette Thompson


Artist Story

As a landscape and portrait painter based in Christchurch, New Zealand, it is easy to be energised by the dramatic landscapes around me. I tend to paint things I have a connection to; places I have been to, people I’ve seen or know of. I am inspired by nature and the strong connection between people and place.

I am drawn by the challenge of realism while still allowing the romance of the brushwork to show through. Achieving a sense of authenticity is key to my work. I take time to learn as much about the subject as possible. I feel that the subject reveals something of itself during the time spent sketching or painting and that this knowledge is embedded in the final piece.

Having struggled with the written word throughout life, artistic expression has always been a place of comfort for me. Art is a language that is universal. I hope that my work brings the memories of a moment into your home. A painting captures so much more than an image. The sensation of sunlight on your skin, the tranquility of your thoughts, the feeling of your loved-one's gaze, these bring the moments of your memories to life.



To counterbalance my larger projects I developed a style of ‘relaxation’ art. I allow the process to drive the outcome, and the results are spontaneous, playful and some may call them “a-little-crazy”.

The watercolour wash is the foundation, laid down with no predetermined purpose. Brush strokes are applied as kinaesthetic relaxation with a focus to how they physically feel rather than what they create visually.

Once the watercolour dries I look into the random shapes until I see something. The familiar blends with the whimsically strange, and a story evolves. Often animals turn into monsters but always with bold colour, imagination, and a sense of humour. I write short stories to accompany the artwork which provides a further window into this mad world.

My goal is to keep these works fun-loving, spontaneous and lighthearted. If this art was a person I’d love to meet them, they sound like a good laugh!


I am always happy to discuss commission ideas. Time frames vary depending on the complexity of the piece. If you have a particular date in mind, please inquire in advance as much possible.