Painting Experiment - Left vs Right Hand

I was curious to compare my left and right hands painting the same scene. I expected the results to be wildly different with wild wiggly lines coming from my life hand. I decided to paint the same scene, a still life of pumpkins, first with my left hand. By going first with my left, then I would prevent "cheating" by passing on any learnings of my right hand of the scene to the left hand.

To my surprise my left hand actually achieved realism. Perhaps I had built but pathways in my left hand many years ago when I broken the pinky on my right hand. I had to write using my left hand for several weeks!

I was able to use my same painting process, building up the layers the same way as I usually do and it came together. I was certainly slower and more frustrated using my left but it worked. I was amazed at how tiring it was using my left hand!

Bentley is very proud of his work!

Bentley is very proud of his work!