2018 - What a year!

2018 - gosh it’s been one heck of a year! Looking back on the year I am amazed at what I achieved. Some of the highlights include:


I came into the year thinking “Hey stop being so shy - get out there and exhibit your work. Let’s see how it goes.” I had no idea what a ride of a year it would be!

Getting out there

I hit the ground running with a solo exhibition in January. I hadn’t intended to start this way, but fate had it’s own say. After catching up with a gallery contact I learned of a chance opportunity for a space in the Arts Centre. I had one week to prepare - eek! It was madness and such a buzz. Best of all I learned so much. I hadn’t expected to throw myself into a solo first up. But the opportunity was there and I couldn’t pass it by.

Solo exhibition

The lady that made it all possible. Lorraine Quinn helped man the exhibition while I was at work during the working week. Thank you Lorraine.

With a bit more confidence behind me I plucked up the courage to enter 11 group exhibitions throughout the year. Some were for charity fundraisers, one was an international painting swap but most of them were local shows with fellow Canterbury artists.

New Art Friends

At the start of the year I joined the Arts Canterbury, a group of local artists. This opened so many doors for me this year. I was invited to many group shows and got to see behind the scenes of the biggest Christchurch show, the Christchurch Art Show. What I loved the most was meeting other artists and sharing our stories together. Previously I had been so shy at these art events. I wasn’t a natural at networking. The fellow artists in Arts Canterbury were so friendly and I loved chatting away to these new friends at each event throughout the year.

Cover Girl

Ok so no, I wasn’t on the cover of a magazine but my artwork was. This came as quite a shock. After submitting my images and words for an article in the New Zealand artist magazine I was shocked when they informed me my artwork was chosen for the cover! I still get a kick out of seeing the cover on our coffee table. The photo below was also my most liked photo on instagram for 2018!

On the cover

Myself holding my cover of the New Zealand Artist Magazine. Read more here.

The Art

This year I have many amazing projects with my clients, including beautiful landscapes and portraits of passed loved ones and dogs. I am truly grateful to all my clients for the opportunity to create some magic for them. I love that I am constantly challenged by my clients. Every artist wants to continue to grow and I love that each project demands me to step out of my comfort zone and push me further, even if it scares me at times! This includes starting my largest project to date!


Going BIG!

Standing next to the canvas it is wide as I am tall! Phew!

Artist retreat

Another thing I was grateful for this year was the experience of my artist retreat to Hinewai Reverse. Not only did I have a fantastic escape from the city to wind down and create some art. I also made a great friend. You can read more about my adventure here.

Artist Retreat

Outside the hut at Hinewai at the end of my artist retreat weekend. Such a highlight.

I couldn’t have achieved any of this year without the love and support of this man! My Mark. I’m so grateful for his continued support for my artistic endeavours. Here’s a little sketch I created for his birthday :)


My Mark

I couldn’t have achieved what I did without his support.

I wrote most of this blog before December 30th. Something big happened that day so I have had to update this blog before posting! Mark proposed at our favourite sailing spot in Charteris Bay in Lyttelton Harbour. We are absolutely delighted! It was such an exciting way to end the year and see in the New Year!


Our engagement

Smiling the day after our engagement with the view of Charteris Bay behind us.

What will 2019 bring?

I have great plans to experiment with new techniques and materials. I want to get outside in these warmer months and try my new plein air equipment! I like the idea of being out in nature and creating art - two of my favourite things. And now we have wedding to plan for too :)

To wrap things up I created a quick snapshot of 2018 in the video below. Enjoy.

And for those of you that followed my journey this year, thank you so much for your support.