20 Days, 20 Sketches

This July I challenged myself to create a draw each day for 20 days. I wanted to celebrate reaching 200 followers on my Facebook page the best way I know how - to create.

It was a great way to explore and refine new techniques. I mixed things up with a range of realistic charcoal sketches and looser 'Wash & Ink' imaginative drawings. With my Wash & Ink drawings I splash a bit of watercolour on a page and then let the story reveal itself. These drawings are quite liberating.

What I also found interesting was the pressure of sharing a new drawing daily. Drawing each day was easy. Producing something that I felt was to the standard I wanted to share was much harder. Often drawings in the past have spread over days (if not longer) until I felt they were finished but with this challenge I wanted each piece to be completed within the day of sharing. Thankfully the pressure paid off and I am proud of the drawings I created over the 20 day journey.

So here are the 20 drawings I created: