I welcome commissions of all sizes. Whether it is a portrait, landscape or a still life, let's chat and bring your vision to life. There is a romantic quality to paintings that photos cannot achieve. With the power of artistic licence we can enhance what is most important.

Please note if you have a deadline in mind please get in touch as soon as possible. The painting process spans months and then requires two months drying time (depending on size). I am happy to talk through options with you.

Below you will find some of my projects to help spark your inspiration.

Portrait Commissions

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Do you have loved one you would like to commemorate in oils? Or a family member who lives too far away that you want to bring closer to home? Oil paintings bring a sense of life that a photo seems to lack.

Reference material

Working from photo references I encourage clients to find the best reference they can, after all this is a special project.

Pet Portrait Commissions

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Reference material

With pets I often work from supplied photos. Supplying many options is always best as some commissions references have been compiled from a number of photos.

Pet Portraits

Our furry friends find a special place in our hearts. Often when our beloved pets pass on, a painting can be a beautiful reminder of time with them. A way for them to still be with us. Or we may want to capture a playful side of a pet that is still with us.

Landscape Commissions

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Do you have a special connection with a particular view or scene? A family camping spot or the location where you got engaged perhaps. There is something about an oil painting that takes you there to that moment in time.

Reference material

Depending on how local the location I quite often go to the location myself to understand the scene fully. I take many reference shots and piece together something that represents the place.

Still Life Commissions

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Reference material

With still lifes in the past I have either worked from life with a scene setup or have taken photos of this setup to then continue working from later.

Still lifes

Although not my usual subject I always enjoy a challenge. If you have a particular still life in mind let's bring it to life.

Have something in mind? Say hello and we can chat through your ideas.